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Faith & Service



New for the 2019-2020 school year, NET Ministries will lead all of our student retreats. NET has led youth ministry training for more than 2,500 young adults from around the world. The NET team members and other youth worker guests who attend the intense five week NET training are equipped to make a great impact with youth in years to come.

Through training and constant prayer, the team members are brought to a deeper understanding of their faith and given practical skills to effectively communicate that faith to others. In an environment that includes daily Mass, Reconciliation, individual and corporate prayer, and small group discussion, they also learn retreat skills that enable them to minister to thousands of young people.

NET team members receive training in the following areas: loving God and loving others, the content of the Gospel message, leadership and retreat ministry. They follow a structured and busy schedule that includes daily Mass and prayer, opportunities to meet individually with a priest, staff-led sharing groups, and recreation.