Attire for Athletic Events

As representatives of our school values and Christian culture, students are asked to present themselves in a way that displays our Catholic faith and morals at all times while on campus. Students must attend CCHS co-curricular activities in attire that reflects the dignity of the human person and upholds the virtue of modesty. The guidelines below list the requirements for CCHS students while on campus and at school-affiliated events, including dances and sporting events.

The exception would be for athletes who are competing in a sport that requires attire that does not fall under the below guidelines:
  • No excessively low cut dresses or tops.
  • No mid-drifts.
  • No attire referencing drugs, of a sexually-explicit nature, or displaying offensive humor.
  • A dress that is too revealing, skin-tight, or see-through in part or whole.
  • No skirts, shorts, and dresses that are too short. 
  • Shirts are required at all times.
Anyone attending a CCHS sporting event who is in violation of this policy will be asked to leave and face further disciplinary actions.