Holy Thursday Celebrated at St. Stanislaus

Today, we celebrated Holy Thursday with the Liturgy of the Word, the Washing of the Feet, and the Passion Play.
Father Michael, Mr. Pecchenino and Mr. Sawyer lead the Washing of the Feet of our ASB leaders as well as the St. Stanislaus School 8th grade leaders. Our Social Justice Club performed the Passion Play at the Stations of the Cross within St. Stanislaus Church. We also enjoyed having the St. Stanislaus School 5th - 8th graders join us for this event.

Thank you to our student cast members: Adrian Cuevas (Jesus), Nadia Estacio (Mary), Mikey Duran & Sebastian Jauregui (soldiers), Liam Mullins (Pontius Pilate), Trinity Aguilar (Veronica), Jason Simmons (Simon), Molly Cambra, Alyssa Nunes, Sam Rodgers, Abby Baker & Kenya Smith (weeping women), Gaby Nazareno & Anne Dunne (cantors), Ariana Zarate, Elizabeth Nancett & Zythali Gomes (readers) and Carlos Estacio, Evan Corsiglia & Jaden Fontes (Altar servers).

WE hope you all have a blessed Easter!