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  • Advanced Dance Tryouts

    Advanced Dance Tryouts will be Thursday April 26th 4-6 pm at Central Catholic High School in the Glynn Hall Gym.

    You will be learning different combinations and/or dances in different styles of dance (lyrical/contemporary, jazz & hip hop). Please wear a black tank with black shorts and/or black leggings, with hair in a high ponytail. Please make sure to have jazz shoes and tennis shoes as well.

    What will be expected for kids to be able to perform at tryouts are:
    - Double/triple pirouettes
    - Turns in 2nd
    - Battements/Tilts
    - Leaps

    All potential advanced dancers MUST be registered at CCHS for the 2018/2019 school year BEFORE they will be allowed to tryout.

    There is an Advanced Dance Infomation meeting on April 24, the following link has more information:

    If you have any questions please contact Dance Teacher: Liz Swilley at
    Gym - Glynn Hall Gym - GYM
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