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    Broadcast Club Meeting during HR

    400 Wing - Library - Lib

    Youth BB in MGHFC

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    Sadie's Dance -Glynn Gym

    School Mass

    St. Stanislaus Church

    Youth BB in MGHFC

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    Spring Open House

    Come join our family & see what WE are all about!

    Athletic Coaches » Co-curricular Clubs »  Small Breakout sessions »  Meet Academic Dept. Heads »  Campus Tours »  Enrollment & Admissions Information »  Scholarship Information »  Technology Information »  Food/ Drinks »  Prizes and give-a-ways

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    Advanced Dance Information Meeting

    400 Wing - Library - Lib
    The Advanced Dance Information meeting will be held on Tuesday April 24th, 5 pm in the Library at Central Catholic to go over what is involved in being a CCHS Advanced Dancer - including the cost, the schedule, tryouts, etc. Potential dancers should attend so they will know what is to be expected from them.

    All potential advanced dancers must be registered at CCHS for the 2018/2019 school year BEFORE they will be allowed to tryout.

    If you are unable to to attend the information meeting, you MUST contact the Advanced Dance teacher, Liz Swilley at swilley@cchsca.org before the Try Outs.

    Advanced Dance Tryouts will be held on April 26, the following link has more information: https://bit.ly/2GWsLfn
    Contact: Liz Swilley

    Advanced Dance/Parent Meeting

    Tuesday April 24th 5 pm in the Library Advanced Dance/Parent Meeting
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    STEM Meeting Rm 413

    Advanced Dance Tryouts

    Gym - Glynn Hall Gym - GYM
    Advanced Dance Tryouts will be Thursday April 26th 4-6 pm at Central Catholic High School in the Glynn Hall Gym.

    You will be learning different combinations and/or dances in different styles of dance (lyrical/contemporary, jazz & hip hop). Please wear a black tank with black shorts and/or black leggings, with hair in a high ponytail. Please make sure to have jazz shoes and tennis shoes as well.

    What will be expected for kids to be able to perform at tryouts are:
    - Double/triple pirouettes
    - Turns in 2nd
    - Battements/Tilts
    - Leaps

    All potential advanced dancers MUST be registered at CCHS for the 2018/2019 school year BEFORE they will be allowed to tryout.

    There is an Advanced Dance Infomation meeting on April 24, the following link has more information: https://bit.ly/2vbBfd3

    If you have any questions please contact Dance Teacher: Liz Swilley at swilley@cchsca.org.
    Contact: Liz Swilley
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    Rehearsal for Dance Show-Gallo Center for the Arts

    Advance dance-10am-1pm
    all students- 2pm-5pm
    Contact: Liz Swilley
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