One of the great benefits your child receives by attending a Catholic high school is the chaplaincy services that are available on site throughout the school year. Both our Chaplain and campus minister are here to serve the spiritual needs of students and staff.
School chaplaincy is a work of pastoral ministry carried out within the school community. Our Chaplain and campus minister have been given the responsibility of providing spiritual care and supporting the faith life of students and staff. They spread the Good News of the Lord and promote our Catholic teachings within the school setting.
The Chaplain and campus minister work to enhance your child's faith and learning experience by focusing on Christian morals, values and attitudes through work in and out of the classroom, during school liturgies and retreat experiences.The Chaplain and campus minister are also available for spiritual help and resource support. Students who experience loss due to a death, separation or divorce in their families or any other issue can find great comfort and support by turning to the school chaplain.
By having a chaplain and campus minister as part of the high school resource team, we are able to focus on the spiritual development of all students.Our Chaplain and campus minister coordinate a wide range of activities that serve to promote the spiritual development of members of the school community. Some examples include:
  • Preparing and leading Mass weekly on campus and every month at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church
  • Preparing for the observation and celebration of the special seasons (Advent & Lent) and the many feasts that take place in our Church's liturgical year
  • Maintaining a link with the school's local parishes by providing information about parish service opportunities and ministries
  • Overseeing the school's retreat programs for each grade
  • Leading and mentoring the Senior Ministry Team, in order for senior students to engage in peer ministry with their younger peers
  • Fostering an awareness of social justice and encouraging students to respond in their school and living community.