Spiritual Life

Senior Ministry Team

The Senior Ministry Team (SMT) serves its peers, the community and the Church. SMT members share their faith and challenge other students to grow in their faith. They are led by Campus Minister Daniel Menezes and Chaplain Father Michael Brady.

SMT meets weekly for meetings and also every Friday for Chapel at lunch. They attend a retreat at the beginning of the year and help put on the other retreats for students throughout the year. There is an application and interview process to be selected on the team. It is a privilege, not a right, to serve on the Senior Ministry Team.

Campus Ministry

List of 2 members.

2018-2019 Senior Ministry Team

Trinity Aguilar

Aimee Barraza

Mikey Duran

Tyler Escobar

Nadia Estacio
Elias Fierro

Devyn Halvorson

Josephine Henderson

Vincent Hernandez

Sebastian Jauregui
Cade Jimenez

Erika Rizo

Ben Shinkwin

Jason Simmons