Shakespeare's Garden

One of the most amazing aspects of Central Catholic’s campus are the many opportunities for rest and reflection outside of the classroom walls. All around campus you will find these little grottos and also a beautiful garden just urging you to take a moment on lovely sunny days to say hi to friends, get a bite to eat, pause to pray, or just get centered before heading back to class.
A favorite spot on campus is Shakespeare’s Garden. It was grown and dedicated to Dr. Dallas E. Dillon, Mrs. Dillon’s husband. He received his education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As a lover of the written word, and of course Shakespeare, the idea was bounced around and then put into motion to create a unique space full of growth and life.
The plants and flowers that were chosen to be part of this garden correlate specifically to many of Shakespeare’s written works. To know more information about each specific plant, there are QR codes on metal plaques placed nearby.
WE welcome you to come experience the peacefulness and relax in Shakespeare’s Garden. Take a moment to sit upon the wooden benches to breathe, read a book, make new friends, or just enjoy the ambiance that our outdoor spaces have to offer. WE also welcome you to use this beautiful space to take photographs of your event to remember those memories for a lifetime.