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Academic Teams

Academic Teams

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  • Academic Decathlon

    Aca Deca is a competition in which nine students use their knowledge of all academic areas in competition. Tests are taken, questions are answered, speeches are given, essays are written and scored and the culmination is the Super Quiz. Super Quiz is a competition among all the schools and individuals where, in a verbal questioning format, students ring in to answer questions. CCHS has competed in the Academic Decathlon for many years.
  • Math Bowl

    The Dick Schaff Math Superbowl is an annual competition in which students from area middle and high schools compete against one another for trophies and recognition. The event takes place on one Saturday, typically in April. There are three math competitions that each student completes. 

    The Blitz is an individual 50 point multiple-choice timed-test. At the high school level, it is offered from Geometry through Calculus.

    The Huddle is a two-person subject-specific test. Ideally, two students from the same school and in the same course work together to complete this test. They are allowed 45 minutes to work independently and 15 minutes in the end to collaborate. They turn in one scantron.

    The main event is the Bomb. This is a five-person team composed of students from at least four different levels of math offered at your school. Each team needs a geometry student, one from second-year algebra, a pre-calculus student, and two other students. This is a silent test. Each member of the team is given a pen of different color ink. Each person in the group is also given a page of five questions that vary in difficulty from geometry content through calculus. The team has one hour. When the competition begins each person turns over his or her paper. They must choose one question to complete. If they cannot answer any questions, they must sign their name to an item and cross out the problem. No one else can work on that problem. When done, they put their page face-down and pass it to the next person. Everyone in the group is doing the same thing until all five pages have been passed around to all five students and all 25 total questions have been attempted or crossed out. The team with the most questions answered correctly wins. In the event of a tie, two other factors are used: correct units listed on the answers and time (who finished first). 

    Overall, the competition is rigorous. The exams are laced in critical thinking and complex problem-solving techniques. Most questions require more than the obvious to answer correctly. Our students work very hard and very conscientiously throughout the whole day. 

    The Math Bowl team at Central Catholic is made up of volunteers. Each year the teachers suggest students that may perform well in the competition. Those students are then invited to compete. They are given study packets and ask their teachers for help, as necessary. How much is studied is up to the individual student.
  • Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is a county-wide competition testing their knowledge in all areas of science. The team comes in smiling and ready to work after school and on Saturdays to prepare and practice for the competition. Students then compete taking tests, making presentations, and using models built for the Science competition. The students gain valuable experience using the Scientific Method in a competitive environment. CCHS students and teams have been successful in past competitions.
  • Speech and Debate

    Students learn a number of speech genres and compete in speech contests throughout the county and wider region. The speeches students give and perform in front of a variety of groups provide them with valuable public speaking experience in front of groups large and small and settings in both informal and competitive. Many of our students do well in the competition and earn prizes including funds that will help them with future college expenses. Speech and Debate club meets after school and club members are also expected to continue to practice in their spare time.

Academic Societies

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  • BETA Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Susan Dillon
    BETA is a national Catholic high school organization. Beta International leads by serving others. Members must have a 3.0 or better GPA, outstanding citizenship, and evidence of leadership and service in the school community. All service is done on campus. 
  • CSF

    Moderator: Mrs. Susan Dillon
    CSF is the California Scholastic Federation. Membership is opened each semester and it is based on grades. Applicants submit an application, a copy of their previous semester’s grades, membership dues ($3.00), and must participate in the service project for each semester. Requirements are determined by the CSF Chapter. 
  • National Honor Society

    Moderator: Ms. Audra Castello
    The National Honor Society is open to all juniors and seniors with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or greater. Students receive an invitation and must participate in a series of meetings as well as the application process. Their applications are reviewed by the faculty council and the students are notified in the spring regarding their membership status. Requirements are determined by the NHS Charter.

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