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Associated Student Body

Associated Student Body

The purpose of the ASB student council is to provide student government to aid in the development of leadership, arrange and conduct student council meetings, administer to the needs of the student body and plan social activities.Our programs provide valuable experience and lessons about many practical situations; teamwork, organization, sportsmanship, follow-through, hard work, success and failure. It seeks to live the mission of the school by nurturing the talents of each student through leadership roles in such areas as ASB and Class Officers, Commissioners, Club Officers, Rally Officers and many more.

Class Officers

ASB Officers 2020-2021

ASB Officers
ASB President - Isabella Khacho '21
ASB Vice President- Vivian Herrera '21
ASB Secretary - Anne Dunn '21
ASB Treasurer - Colleen Ballatore '21
ASB Representative - Evan Corsiglia '21