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  • Fr. Suresh 

Faith & Service

Campus Ministry

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 
I am proud to be part of this family of Central Catholic High School, fulfilling spiritual needs by celebrating liturgies, promoting Christian faith and teachings of Jesus on campus. As a Catholic school, we give equal opportunities for all-round development of students in Academics, Faith, Co-Curricular Activities, and Social Development. 
I strongly believe and have witnessed that Christian schools have laid strong foundations for students which helped them reach the heights of success in their lives and were also introduced to the world as successful and powerful leaders in history. 
Our Central Catholic High School tries to help students to view the world through Christian lenses of love, service, forgiveness, responsibility, acceptance, and tolerance. This gives our students a broader picture of the world and helps them master over any given situation in life. 
And so, we start every school day invoking God’s blessings with a morning prayer or mass. 
During lunch breaks, the chapel is open for all for personal prayer, spiritual direction, and confessions. We started to have the sacrament of reconciliation once a week since last year and we have found that the number of students and staff made use of this opportunity to receive God’s grace and mercy. We are happy to continue this year also administering the sacraments to those in need. 
Campus Ministry also offers retreats for students and staff for their spiritual renewal and personal development as Christian disciples. 
We plan to keep the campus life with spiritual activities according to the liturgical calendar of the year so that the Central Catholic family does not miss any Catholic tradition or the practices on campus. Our beautiful chapel is open for all to spend their precious time sitting before blessed sacrament and pray.
The Central Catholic family welcomes you and Our Lady of Light Chapel is open for you for liturgical celebrations like baptisms, weddings, funerals, or memorial Masses with necessary paperwork and permissions from your local parishes. 
We will be always happy to help our Christians live and practice their faith.   
With many blessings, 
Fr. Suresh, Chaplain