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Dear CCHS Parents/Guardians, 

This coming academic year will see me leave the classroom to enter full-time administration, in a role that I proposed in Spring 2019. This will see my responsibilities as Dean of Students merge with some of those of the campus ministry, as Mr. Pecchenino announced earlier this year. I am excited to be involved with continuing on the great work that Fr Brady and Daniel Menezes have accomplished through working in ministry here at CCHS.

When I first pitched the role to my supervisors and colleagues, I was keen to emphasize how I envisioned the new ‘formation’ role not being the merging of two polar opposite concepts—discipline and ministry—but the joining of two “arms” through which God Himself governs us all: Justice and Mercy. These are concepts that I am sure are no-less strange to you as parents who, like myself, must constantly juggle between these two ideas that sometimes seem contrary: how do I both show my child my unconditional love for them, whilst maintaining a healthy level of instruction and guidance, instilling values and discipline while maintaining their trust?

As educators, we act
in loco parentis. In enforcing discipline, therefore, I seek to minister; and in ministry seek to train educate in virtue and discipline of character. Indeed, I firmly believe the two are rightly ordered when bound together. In this new capacity, I wish to articulate to you all my steadfast commitment to helping develop programs of formation that will engage and attract all grade levels to be actively involved in peer ministry, while pulling on the time-proven talent and experience of NET Ministries missionaries to facilitate our grade-level retreats. I am confident their presence and example as young missionaries dedicated to Christ will be a profound witness for all to see. I want to also offer the opportunity for families to experience a glimpse of this by volunteering to host NET team members during their visits to our school. Leading up to each grade level retreat, I will reach out to parents of the respective grade-level students, to see if any are willing to donate some space in their homes for team members to stay during their time—whether that be a bed, a sofa, or a space on the floor.

Finally, a few changes have been made to the handbook, including in the area of formatting, for which we have Rebekah Nelson to thank for simplifying it. In terms of our student code of conduct, there are a few changes that may be of particular notoriety to continuing parents, to improve the campus culture of our school. These include:
  • Consequences for tardy policy have changed, and will now cumulate from quarterly to by-semester.
  • Excusing a first-period tardy for reasons such as weather, traffic, and car-trouble, will cap at 3 per quarter. 
  • General attire guidelines have been added for campus and school dances. Found under “Dress Code”.
  • Earphones/headphones may no longer be worn on campus during school hours to promote safety.
  • Hang-tag permit requirement for student’s cars has been added, along with consequences for not displaying. Students must complete the form online, and a $5 parking fee will be billed to FACTS.
  • The school now reserves the right to deny credit for any class in which a student has 10 or more absences and/or tardy attendance for a given semester. This is considered case-by-case by the administration.
  • Chapel attire for mass is now mandatory. This includes wearing a white oxford on mass days. 
I am excited for the year ahead, and for the opportunity to serve your families during this time. Please keep the school, its staff, students and parents, in your prayers. We are about God’s work, and can’t do it without Him. 

In Christ,
Kieran D. Driver, Dean of Formation