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    Kari Paris 

    Activities Director, Foundation Director
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  • Art Club

    Moderator: Mr. TJ Glines
    The purpose of the Art club is to promote the fine arts on the CCHS campus, to raise funds each year for the Kristi Phippen Memorial Art Scholarship, and to increase cultural awareness and enrichment of the art club members. The art club is composed of students who have an interest in any of the fine arts, although more emphasis is probably placed on visual art. Students need not be taking fine arts classes to be an art club member.
  • Blue Crew

    Club Moderator: Mr. Billy Hylla
    This club supports the spirit leaders and rally commissioners. It promotes school spirit and participation in crowd response at games and rallies.
  • Book Club

    Moderator: Ms. Theresa Hubert
    The CCHS Book Club's purpose is to allow its members the chance to choose a piece of literature that they would like to read and discuss as a group in a relaxed environment. Members of the club discuss literature choices at meetings, then decide on which title they will be reading for the month and discussing at our next meeting.
  • Bowling Club

    Moderator: Mr. Sinh Diep
    Bowling club is a social club that is a great way to meet new people. We meet once a month and encourage family and friends of all skill levels to join.
  • Christian Athletes Association (CAA)

    Moderator: Mr. Billy Hylla
    The purpose of the CAA is to offer support to all sports and participants. The club is open to all students who participate in athletics.
  • Culture Club

    Club Moderator: Mrs. Alicia Caballero

    Culture Club strives to celebrate diversity at Central Catholic High School in a variety of ways. You help to plan the international week events.
  • Health Awareness Club

    Club Moderator: 

    Our goals are to raise awareness of predominant health problems, educate about common health problems and encourage the development of good health practices at a young age.
  • Interact Club

    Moderator: Mr. Jim Pecchenino and Mrs. Tiffany Sheehy
    The purpose of Interact is to provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding. To be eligible for membership a person must possess good character and leadership potential and be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior student at Central Catholic High School between the ages of 14 and 18.
  • Music Club

    Club Moderator: Mrs. Liz Swilley

    The purpose of the Music Club builds interest in music and involves musicians from the school. 
  • Science Club

    Club Moderator: Mr. Brent Nelson

    The Science club will work for enhancing knowledge in the integrated field of science, technology, engineering and math on CCHS campus. Student members of this club will be able to participate in the annual science Olympiad, and various school promotional activities. These activities will help prepare members for career paths in Science. Coaching will be provided for readiness to participate in these activities. Members will be provided opportunities to take various field trips. There will be an environmental focus of the club which will help with recycling and conservation on our campus.
  • Ski/Outdoors Club

    Club Moderator: Mrs. Kari Paris
    For students who enjoy doing outdoor activities and helping others. 
  • Social Justice Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Tanya Velazquez
    The purpose of the Social Justice club is to reach the needs of the poor and outcast in the society. WE put on the Passion play and have many events such as: Walk for life, Baby Bottle Fundraiser, Can Food Drive, Valentine treats for the elderly and Jeans for Justice.
  • Student Marketing Team

    Moderator: Ms. Fallon Fowzer
    The student marketing team is a club organized for the purpose of sharing their passion for CCHS and the advantages of attending CCHS. Student marketing team members serve as ambassadors for the school through a number of avenues including: school tours, partner school visits, social media, and other events. It provides students the opportunity to promote their school, but to also gain valuable marketing lessons and experience.
  • Tech Club

    Club Moderator: Mr. Calvin Grover

    The purpose of the Tech club is to increase awareness of the latest developments in the area of technology including career options in a diverse economy. It provides a positive forum in which students can be creative, innovative, and marketable in their prospective area of interests as well as a "user friendly" place for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to learn and use the latest computer technology. It also promotes Central Catholic High School through the effective use of a website and community projects.
  • Valley Voices Writing Club

    Moderator: Mr. Trevor Guina

    Valley Voices is a creative writing club. The club meets informally to celebrate writing.