Annual Giving

About the Annual Fund

Each year, Central Catholic High School's Annual Giving drive helps to close the gap between revenue brought in through tuition and the cost of operation.  Though we are a part of the Stockton Diocese, we receive no financial support from the diocese or the Catholic Church.  As such, we ask for your support to help us provide educational experience to our students in the form of dedicated teachers, smaller classes, robust co-curricular program, stellar athletics, and over $1,000,000 in financial aid, which is disbursed to over 50% of our student body.

WE are thankful for our alumni, current and past parents and grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends in the community who have generously donated to the Central Catholic High School Annual Giving campaign throughout the years.  Please consider supporting our mission and making an investment in Catholic education through the 2023-2024 Annual Giving campaign as WE continue to ensure that our students are academically prepared, socially responsible, globally conscious, and spiritually developed.

How to Give to the Annual Fund:

Thank you for supporting Central Catholic High School!  Listed below are the ways in which your generous donation can be made:

  • Online through the 2023-2024 Annual Fund form
  • Check made out to CCHS with "Annual Fund" in the memo
  • Request a remittence envelope by emailing Tiffany Del Don at
If you have any questions, please reach out to our Special Events and Gifts Coordinator, Tiffany Del Don at (209) 338-2602 or

2023-2024 Annual Giving Progress

AG 2023 by Fallon Fowzer

Giving Societies

  • $100,000 Blessed John XXIII Circle
  • $25,000 Bishop Donohoe Circle
  • $10,000 Father Glynn Society
  • $5,000 Sister Irene Society
  • $2,500 Father Morse Society
  • $2,000 Full Funding Contributor
  • $1,000 Father Jack Pejza Society
  • $500 Shareholders' Club
  • $250 CCHS Raiders' Club
  • $10-$249 CCHS Sponsors


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Why is Annual Giving necessary?

    Central Catholic needs and is worthy of your support.  Our annual giving program is necessary to sustain the life of the school through enriched academic, athletic, and co-curricular programs, scholarships, faculty development, and overall operating expenses.  An annual gift is a vote of confidence in Central Catholic.
  • Why not just raise tuition?

    Although this may seem like the quickest solution, we work to keep tuition as low as reasonably possible for several reasons.  First, Central Catholic is mindful to the market and the financial considerations of all our families.  Therefore, we do not want to place our school as a significant disadvantage by unduly increasing tuition.  Second, keeping in line with the annual rate of increase in tuition helps make Central Catholic more affordable and accessible to a wider population.  A successful annual giving program is one of the ways that allows our school to educate a student body that is diverse and multi-talented.  Additionally, there is a considerable advantage that annual donations offer to those who itemize their tax returns. 
  • Who is being asked to participate?

    All constituencies of Central Catholic High School are asked and encouraged to make an annual gift, including alumni, current and parents, current and past grandparents, faculty, staff, and our friends out in the community.
  • What are gifting societies?

    Gifting societies provide an opportunity for all donors to be recognized and acknowledged for their generosity to Central Catholic High School.  Our gifting societies include:
    $100,00Blessed John XXIII Circle
    $10,000Bishop Donohoe Circle
    $5,000Sister Irene Society
    $2,500Father Morse Society
    $2,000Full Funding Contributor 
    $1,000Shareholders' Club
    $500CCHS Raiders' Club
    $250CCHS Sponsors Club
    $10 - $249CCHS Spirit Club

  • How long do I have to pay my pledge?

    The Annual Fund has been designed to afford an opportunity for our donor to pay their pledge on an annual basis any time before June 30th.  Installment giving provides a vehicle for each donor to maximize his or her gift by scheduling their contributions in smaller and more convenient increments.
  • What are matching gifts and will I get credit for them with my pledge?

    Matching gifts are gifts that an employer offers annually to an educational institution or other non-profit as an employee benefit by matching the gift made by an employee on a 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 basis.  In the Annual Fund, we will give full credit to the donor for any gift they make as well as any match their employer makes.  In many cases, this can be a wonderful way to increase your gift to a higher society.  Simply ask your employer about their matching-gift program, forward the company form along with your gift and Central Catholic will do the rest.
  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes!  Gifts to the Central Catholic High School are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Past Parent & Grandparent Perspective

“I have been involved with CCHS since the 1980’s with a son there and, now, two grandsons there.  The academics, sports programs, spiritual emphasis, caring and awesome faculty and small community feel all combine to make Central Catholic a wonderful experience for the students. 

My son has so many close friends now who were his schoolmates 30 years ago, and my grandsons’ schoolmates today are children of those friends! Full circle, and a great testament to enduring friendships fostered at CCHS!

It is my honor to donate to Central Catholic, and I will continue to do so to enable other students to have this wonderful education and experience.”

-Linda G. West P’88,GP’19,’22
You can give now online or you can mail or drop off a check to: Central Catholic High School 200 S. Carpenter Rd., Modesto, CA 95351. Please put ATTN: Annual Fund on the envelope. Contact Tiffany Del Don at (209) 524-6818 or with any questions! WE appreciate your support!

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Faithful to our Catholic Tradition, our mission is to witness to the Gospel while building an educational community that inspires the spiritual, academic and social development of young adults.

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