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ABC Members

Edwin Rizo
Jimmy Halvorson
Ralph Juarez
Nathaniel Juarez, Principal

Academic Boosters Club

Our Purpose

Academic competition is fierce here in Modesto.  The Academic Booster Club (ABC) partners with administration, faculty, parents, students, and the community to promote, support, and sustain the academic endeavors of Central Catholic High School.  ABC supports every student on our campus.

ABC Accomplishments

  1. The Academic Boosters Club developed the idea of hosting an academic signing day to celebrate the accomplishments of each graduating class, known as Senior Signing Day.
  2. ABC has also worked to provide tutoring for our students preparing to sit for the SAT and ACT exams.
  3. ABC funds have provided resources directly to students and teachers, including instructional materials, Ed Puzzle, teacher coaching, and funding for the Sunshine Committee.

ABC Goals

  1. Enhance and support academics for all Central Catholic students.
  2. Enhance and support professional growth of teachers, counselors, and administration.
  3. Support programs that recognize the academic success of students and staff.
  4. Support renovations of the CCHS Library into the Sister Irene 21st Century Learning Center, which will include student collaboration rooms, increased seating, an updated literary collection, and a CCHS Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame.