2022 Top 12 Graduates

Daniel Barraza
Abby Castillon
Gracie Chavez
Spencer Cole
Kate Cover
Armaan Grewal
Rayman Grewal
Ayden Halvorson
Katherine Juarez
Colin O'Connor
Paula Rizo
Ashley Sams

College Bound

College Preparatory School

Here at Central Catholic High School we pride ourselves on being a college preparatory high school. Not only do we offer challenging courses, but our faculty offer college-like settings that help our students prepare for and be successful in college. Every year, 97-100% of our students go on to college. Those students who do not immediately go to college have chosen to honorably serve their country in the armed forces or to serve the world by doing mission work.

From a Student's Perspective

“Central Catholic prepared me in many ways for Santa Clara University. I started the school year stronger than others because I was constantly keeping up with my agenda, an organizational skill I received throughout my years at Central Catholic. At CCHS, the teachers encourage their students to communicate with them; my continued success is due to the fact that I feel comfortable approaching my professors, either through email or during their office hours. Lastly, Central Catholic taught me to get involved. Being involved at school helped me meet people with similar interests and have fun participating in something I enjoy.”
—Courtney Kim, Class of 2014
   Santa Clara University

98% of our graduates are going off to college!

Yazan Ammari University of California, Merced
Nolan Anderson San Joaquin Delta College
Joseph Asoofi Northeastern University
Kylie Barragan California State University, San Marcos
Daniel Barraza University of Southern California
Kira Baxter Modesto Junior College
Daniel Bogetti Boise State University
Victoria Borba Boise State University
Axel Brambila Modesto Junior College
Mathias Camarillo University of Portland
Abby Castillon Saint Mary's College of California
Gracie Chavez California Polytechnic University, SLO
Andrea Chavez Revuelta Modesto Junior College
Sarah Cole Boise State University
Spencer Cole University of Notre Dame
Kate Cover University of California, Santa Barbara
Nolan Croasdale Boise State University
Tanner Davies University of Arizona
Jacob Edmond Modesto Junior College
Romeo Eteaki San Joaquin Delta College
Liahla Fernandez Chico State University
Rheanne Ferrer University of the Pacific
Annalese Fierro Modesto Junior College
Joaquin Figueroa University of California, Santa Cruz
Sebastian Fonseca University of Arizona
Jaden Fontes Boise State University
Marin Freitas Modesto Junior College
Gianna Galati Boise State University
Silvana Gonzalez University of Arizona
Armaan Grewal University of the Pacific
Rayman Grewal University of California, Berkeley
Cora Grover Modesto Junior College
Lukas Hallak Arizona State University
Ayden Halvorson San Diego State University
Allia Haston Belmont University
Aisea Estrada Modesto Junior College
Kayla Jackson University of California, Irvine
Katherine Juarez Villanova University
McKinley King University of Eastern Oregon
Julian Kuper University of the Pacific
Emily Lanigan California State University, Fullerton
Matthew Leal Modesto Junior College
Julian Lopez Modesto Junior College
Vincent Lopez California State University, Los Angeles
Joseph Lundquist California State University, Northridge
Adison Machado California Polytechnic University, SLO
Jericho Machado Modesto Junior College
Laura Maring California Polytechnic University, SLO
Evelyn Martinez NET Ministries
Zackary Martinez California State University, Stanislaus
Reece McMillen Modesto Junior College
Mia Miligi California State University, Stanislaus
Brooke Miranda California Polytechnic University, SLO
Tyler Miranda Modesto Junior College
Kyle Naranjo University of California, Davis
Miguel Nunes Gutierrez San Jose State University
Colin O'Connor Belmont University
Kate Oliveira University of San Diego
Luis Orozco Alvarez Modesto Junior College
Giovanni Pardo Modesto Junior College
Annabelle Pecchenino Modesto Junior College
Gabrielle Pecchenino University of Nevada, Reno
Madison Peral Boise State University
Fatima Perez Biola University
Dominic Perino University of Arizona
James Phillips University of Notre Dame
Noelany Ramirez California State University, Stanislaus
Daniel Rancano University of Oregon
Jaycee Rieb California State University, Stanislaus
Victor Rivera Jr. Fresno State University
Sophia Rivera Menlo College
Paula Rizo University of California, Los Angeles
Emelia Roberts University of California, Davis
Elijah Robinson University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Valeria Rocha Modesto Junior College
Shinell Romo Rochester Institute of Technology
Ashley Sams California Polytechnic University, SLO
Jonathan Sanchez Fresno State University
Pedro Sandoval Modesto Junior College
Torianne Stinson Chapman University
Aiden Taylor University of Washington
Brooklin Thomas Boise State University
Annaliese Van Klaveren University of Alabama
Zachary Velasquez High Point University
Anthony Wildenberg Boise State University