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    Fr. Ernesto Madrigal 

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    Theology Department Chair, Campus Minister
Faith & Service

Campus Ministry


The Senior Ministry Team (SMT) serves its peers, the community and the Church. SMT members share their faith and challenge other students to grow in their faith as well.

Here at Central Catholic there are many opportunities to support the school, especially when you are involved with the Senior Ministry Team. Oftentimes, senior ministry members participate in programs with our nearby sister school, St. Stanislaus, assisting with their students' educational and spiritual development. This can consist of helping with retreats, such as a recent one where St. Stanislaus students were taught to “Grow in their Faith” and how they should water their faith with prayer and eucharist like they need to water their plants. Many other departments also contribute to these programs, with our Agricultural Department donating the plants for this particular retreat. 

Senior Ministry Team members also help contribute to the monthly masses with audio/tech support, as well as through hospitality, participating in the choir, being altar servers, and being extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. WE always work together as a team to create a reverent and sacred space each month as WE celebrate the mass in the Mark Gallo Health & Fitness Center. WE welcome you to join us if you are available at that time for prayer and reflection.

2024-2025 Senior Ministry Team

WE would like to introduce you to our 2024-2025 Senior Ministry Team:

Yale Ahlem, Allie Abbate, Adam Davis, Michael Dunn, Jasmin Delgado, Kamila Garcia, James Jackson, Elena Leal, Will Magni, Molly McDonald, Bridget Morrow, Kaleb Rothstein, Micah Vargas, and Marie Wildenberg!
Central Catholic Graduate, Anne Dunn '21, developed and edited the Central Catholic WE Pray prayer book. WE Pray includes prayers written for a variety of occasions by numerous contributors, including many CCHS students! 

WE Pray can be purchased here, with all proceeds going directly to the Campus Ministry program and for the publication of future editions.

Thank you, Anne and all those who contributed prayers to WE Pray!

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Faithful to our Catholic Tradition, our mission is to witness to the Gospel while building an educational community that inspires the spiritual, academic and social development of young adults.

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