2019-2020 Weekly Schedule

Dear CCHS Families,

WE hope everyone is having a great summer.  WE are very excited about the 2019-20 school year which will launch our plan to improve the academics at Central Catholic High School and create a Culture of Learning.  We would like to update you on some changes that we believe will improve your student’s experience at Central Catholic this coming school year.  After listening to staff, students, and families, and in response to the WCEA/WASC Accreditation School Improvement Plan, we have made some changes to the weekly schedule of classes.  These changes did not come without challenges and opportunities.

The challenges and opportunities that we have addressed include:
  • The sanctity of student-teacher contact time (protected academic class time)
  • Acknowledgement that our students have multiple and varied extra- and co-curricular activities
  • Building into the schedule time for students to fulfill their academic needs (What I Need Time/teacher office hours)
  • Providing teachers with ample collaborative and professional learning opportunities
  • Creating a more consistent end time of each school day
New weekly schedule changes explained:
  • Student WIN (What I Need) Time (optional):
    • Time built into the weekly schedule for students and teachers to meet outside of their scheduled classes
    • Allows for students to have the option to seek extra help, check in and/or collect missed work prior to going extra-curricular activities
  • Teacher WIN Time:
    • Time built into the weekly schedule for teachers to collaborate and grow professionally, improving student outcomes and experiences
    • Allows for teachers to create professional learning communities and participate in professional development
  • Student Life:
    • Time built into the weekly schedule for social and spiritual formation opportunities
    • Will include Mass, assemblies, elections, club activities, etc.
These changes will allow Central Catholic to provide for the students’ spiritual and social formation, while minimizing the impact that these activities will have on the time that students and teachers spend on academics.

We hope you have a restful and blessed summer,
Bruce Sawyer & Kellie O’Connor