Dear Central Catholic Community, 
As a follow up to previous communications, I want to reiterate that the public's health and safety are paramount to the Diocese of Stockton and our school community. While there have been no confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses within our school, we want to ensure that we are acting with prudence and diligence for the best interest of our students, teachers, and families. 
We do understand the tremendous burden this may place on our families, and only after careful consideration and in light of the fluid nature of this pandemic, the Bishop has announced that all schools within the Diocese of Stockton, will suspend onsite instruction from March 16 – March 27, 2020. We plan to re-open school on March 30, 2020. 
This closure includes any planned large gatherings that are not essential, including fundraisers, community events, and field trips. It also will include all athletic events and practices during the suspended time. Staff members assigned to these types of events will be following up with students and families.  School buildings will not be open to students, parents, or community members during this time.
In preparation for this possibility, our teachers have developed distant learning plans to provide continuity in learning. The implementation of this distant learning model will alleviate additional school days being added to the end of the school year. Yesterday, we asked all students to take home their books and essential materials they may need.  On Monday we will share more specific information and guidelines with parents, while teachers will arrange to launch their classes online.  WE will continue to endeavor to provide your students with rigorous and relevant curricula and meaningful learning experiences.
We continue to keep those who are affected by the COVID-19 virus in our prayers.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Bruce Sawyer