Catholic Schools Week Mass & WE Awards

It is Catholic Schools Week so we came together as a school to celebrate Mass and recognize our WE Award Winners.
This Mass was extra special for two reasons. First, our celebrant was a Central Catholic alum. Father Brandon Ware graduated from CC in 1995 and was honored to lead our Mass today while Father Michael was away at a conference.

Second, our annual WE Awards were handed out. The WE Award is a pretigious honor given out to eight students per year.  WE Award recipients exemplify what the WE spirit represents here at Central Catholic High School. The recipient has exhibited kindness for others, unselfishness, and a willingness to put others before themselves which helps make the CCHS community a place where people can grow in mind, body, and spirit.

The following students are our 2019 WE Award Winners:
Dylan Everhard
This winner doesn’t have the highest GPA in the school, but he takes a rigorous course load and gives it his all. In athletics, he isn’t the fastest kid on campus, he is not in the starting lineup, but the team is better for him being on it. Socially, he is respectful to adults and kind to other students. He volunteers to make Central Catholic a better place. It just so happens that this young man quietly gave up several hours of his Sunday, yesterday, to promote Central Catholic at the St. Stanislaus Open House. Some may say he flies under the radar. No longer. Congratulations, Dylan Everhard!

Gaby Nazareno
It has been said of this young lady, “Her grace and inner beauty shines wherever she goes” and that “she serves others with a giving heart.” She is never afraid of trying new things, knowing that the Holy Spirit will be with her. She is always willing to share her musical talents, singing the National Anthem at athletic events and helping with the music of the liturgy. She is truly a great example for people around her. Congratulations, Gaby Nazareno!

Nadia Estacio
It has been said of the next winner, “She is a well-rounded student, very spirit filled, and friendly to everyone. She is very involved in student activities, FFA, and her church parish. She has represented our school well, especially recently at the Bishop’s Awards Dinner. This young lady represents the spirit of WE exceptionally well”. Congratulations, Nadia Estacio!

Devyn Halvorson

It has been said about the next recipient that, “She is a team player and is always putting others before herself. She has tremendous leadership skills and always goes above and beyond to help anyone in and out of the classroom. She always gives 110% in everything she does.” Congratulations, Devyn Halverson!

Dane Juarez

Someone said of the next recipient, “he is a top student who has participated in football, soccer, and tennis. He has been active in student government and is this year’s ASB President. He represents not just our mission, but also the core values. He is academically prepared, taking a rigorous course load. His faith is connected not just to the school, but with his family attending weekly Masses. He is an excellent example of how to build character through the Gospels.” Congratulations, Dane Juarez!

Mikey Duran

Throughout this year, this candidate has become a prime example of what a WE award recipient should be. He is a well-rounded young man who is extremely welcoming to everyone around him. He is genuine and authentic, no matter who he is with. He is a friend to all and a positive light on campus. All of this makes him stand out from those around him. Whether he’s out on the football field, at a rally, or in the classroom, he is always looking for a way to help others. He is constantly working to become a better person and it shows. Even though this candidate was selected to be a Rally Boy and a part of the Senior Ministry team, he is humble and never seeks attention for the things he does. He is an athlete, a friend, a responsible student, and above all, a leader in his school community. Congratulations, Mikey Duran!

Cade Jimenez

It has been said of the next recipient, “He is unfailingly polite, positive, and enthusiastic. He exemplifies the CCHS WE spirit in placing the needs of his Central Catholic family before himself by working on many activities for the school, including Senior Ministry, altar serving, ASB Rallies, and Yearbook, all of which require hours of his own time. He is a genuine, kind-hearted person, who shows love to all whom he encounters. He loves the Lord and follows Him through his outward dedication to his peers, academics, and teachers. This young man goes the extra mile every single time.” Congratulations, Cade Jimenez!

Kyle Jacklich
It has been said about our final recipient, “He is a special young man. You can’t help but admire his determination as he navigates through the challenges of life. In the face of adversity, he finds a way to put others first. Recently, he publicly shouldered the burden of our section championship loss in an effort to protect and support his team mates. While this was unnecessary, since the game was lost as a team, he wanted to lessen everyone else’s pain by taking it on himself. Champions aren’t built in times of success. They are built through challenges. This young man is a champion.” Congratulations, Kyle Jacklich!
    • WE Award Winners: Mikey Duran, Devyn Halvorson, Dylan Everhard, and Nadia Estacio

    • WE Award Winners: Kyle Jacklich, Dane Juarez, Cade Jimenez, and Gaby Nazareno

    • Father Brandon thanking his altar servers after Mass

    • Cade Jimenez and Jadon Fontes distributing Communion

    • Father Brandon celebrating Mass with our CC students