Central Catholic High School is a nonprofit religious corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The Corporation is organized and exists under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law of California.

List of 2 items.

  • Their duties and powers include the following:

    • Conduct, manage and control activities and affairs of the corporation.
    • Determine when and if to borrow money and incur indebtedness for the corporation.
    • Receive all property, funds and assets.
    • By resolution can authorize any officer or agent to enter into a contract.
    • Select the officers and terms of directors.
    • Select and implement the investment plan.
    • Determine the officer or agents that will issue checks, drafts and orders of payment.
    • Examine funds including investments.
    • Publish an Annual Report within 120 days of the end of the fiscal year (November 1st).
  • Actions of the Corporate Board of Directors include the following:

    • Approve tuition adjustments, salary schedules increases (December Meeting).
    • Approve capital improvement projects and the borrowing of money or incurring debt for the corporation.
    • Approve any expense over $25,000 that is outside the approved budget.
    • Annually review the investment portfolio and performance (March Meeting).
    • Finalize the President’s evaluation and sign the annual contract in March.
    • Delegate the remaining duties and powers as indicated in the by-laws to the President.
The Central Catholic High School Board is made up of eleven members who serve in an advisory capacity to the president of the school.

List of 2 items.

  • The calendar of duties for the school board include:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Policy Making
    • Finances
    • Projects
    • Evaluation of Board and President of School
    • Information Sharing
    • Consultation
    • Internal Life of the Board
  • Their duties and functions include the following:

    • Assist the president to articulate the Mission and Philosophy of CC.
    • Advise the formulation and adoption of policy.
    • Assist and advise the president whether or not the local policy is in line with Diocesan policy and is properly implemented, enforced and executed.
    • Advise on the operation of the school.
    • Examine, advise and assist with the financial condition of the school to include budget investments, salary, tuition and fees.
    • Assist and advise on an active development program and be a liaison to the community.
    • Advise in curriculum planning and policy to meet local expectations and needs.
    • Establish committees on a standing or ad hoc basis.
    • Participate in the annual evaluation of the president.
    • Be informed of prospective employees and the termination of personnel according to diocesan policy.

Members of the Corporate Board

Chair Bishop Myron Cotta
Vice Chair Duane Nelson
Secretary Paul Schaefer
Superintendent Marian Graham
President Jim Pecchenino
Jonathan Boulos
John Dunn
John Gallo
Ralph Juarez
Fr. Richard Morse

Members of the School Board

Chair Sherrie Gary
Vice Chair Kellie O'Connor
Secretary Carlo Jimenez
Student Rep Dane Juarez
Rick Armendariz
Andrea Cambra
Denyse Halvorson
George Morasci
Brad Pezoldt
Carolyn Raspo
Edwin Rizo
Judee Sani