Spiritual Life


Retreats are offered every year for each class. Retreats are Christ-centered and systematic and each retreat has a core emphasis. The underclassmen retreats are led by the Senior Ministry Team, the campus minister and chaplain. The Senior retreat is also led by the Senior Ministry Team, often with help from retreat ministry groups. 


Freshmen particpiate in a half day retreat during orientation week, as well as a full day retreat during the first quarter. The main focus for freshmen is developing a faith life through high school.

Freshman Retreat Permission Slip


Sophomores also participate in a full day retreat. Sophomores focus on Christ-centered decision making.
Sophomore Retreat Permission Slip


The junior retreat is an off campus full day retreat. At their retreat, juniors reflect on the virtues.


The senior retreat is an off campus, full day reteat. Seniors develop the concept of discipleship.

Senior Retreat Permission Slip